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Hi everyone! Welcome to the new and exciting blog of The Travel Clothing Collective. I really want this space to become a supportive community which inspires others to live the life they want to. Because – lets be honest, it can be hard to go after your dreams!

Firstly, I’d love to tell you a little bit about who I am and why I chose to start The Travel Clothing Collective.

My name is Renee Leach, I am 21 years old from South Australia. My Dad is from Austin, Texas, and my Mum is Aussie, sparking the beginning of my love of travel. Growing up we mainly lived in Australia, however have been back and forth between the two countries.

^This is me!

Having caught the travel bug whilst travelling and living in different places with family, after completing high school I embarked on a few long-term travel trips to Europe and the USA. I have many more desires to see the rest of the world but have found myself getting caught up with full time jobs, ‘adulting’ and trying to figure out where to go next with my life.

^ Roadtripping around California, 2016

A huge part of why I wanted to start this blog was to show people that life isn’t always easy, how real the struggle is to follow your heart and how I’ve started my journey of figuring out how to live the life I want for myself.

I hope to inspire others to go out and follow their dreams, and I invite you all to follow me on the journey of self-discovery and seek out your passions. Because, at the end of the day, who wants to look back on their life and realise they haven’t done anything they really wanted to do? Certainly not me!

Growing up in South Australia has been pretty spectacular. A huge part of life for me here is the untouched coastline and the beautiful open spaces. South Australia is a very diverse state, plenty of coastline and beaches, the cityscape, thousands of vineyards, country and dry desert.

^ One of my most favourite beaches in South Aus, taken on my drone

Austin was an entirely different place to share my childhood with. I love the Texan heat, the tex-mex food, the fresh water holes and the t-shirt and Nike shorts ‘look’ everyone seems to wear. I went to school in Austin for a semester, and after high school came back as a children’s swimming teacher.

For the past year and a half I have been working a full time job in Adelaide. I have found it really hard to juggle my passion for travelling and working to build a future for myself, and, once talking about it to my friends and family have noticed how many people feel the same.

^ Exploring the fresh water holes in Austin, TX, 2016

It is so easy to feel locked into doing life a certain way, to feeling like we need to finish high school, go to university, get your career set up, get married, buy a house – all before we are thirty. And, the extra pressure of being a female, is when on earth to fit having children in that picture. To then add travel to the mix, and not just four weeks of the year, but to really explore, just seems almost overwhelming.

How do we fit it all in?! How do we make sure that we are able to sustain living our lives, as well as doing what we are passionate about? This has been my struggle to figure out, and trust me, I am still getting there like many of you would be too.

That leads me to the creation of The Travel Clothing Collective. I wanted to create not only a travel blog or a clothing boutique store, but the combination of the two together. I wanted to create a place where we can not only ooh and ahh about the amazing places to travel to, and the amazing clothes we bring along, but have a place where we can be real with one another and inspire, empower and ignite our desires.

^ Doing what I love most, drinking and eating ;)

So, in the coming weeks I will be sharing my journey with you all, and I’d LOVE to hear about yours too. If you’d like to feature your own pieces of travel tips, style tips, adventures, aspirations, anything about yourself following your dreams – The Travel Clothing Collective would really love to hear about it.

Feel free to email through your stories to or contact us on our social media pages (links below)

Until next time,

Renee @ the travel clothing collective xx





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