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Our Top 5 Favourite Travel Bloggers

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Not only do I love to ooh and ahh over amazing travel photos, it’s also very refreshing to read about other people’s experiences while taking on the world.

I wanted to share who I find most inspiring, not only in the travel world, but also in the fashion industry. Because who doesn’t want to look amazing while gallivanting around the world?!


  1. Helen Owen

Helen Owen is an influencer, model, blogger and designer from Los Angeles. She is currently travelling the world with her partner, Zack Kalter, content creating, working with her favourite brands and “paving her own road.” Helen is the epitome of having world-class travel style.


Helen Owen Blog Excerpt

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She is always pictured with her beaming smile and glowing skin, making every outfit look amazing. Not only does Helen always look stylish on her travels, she also gives her followers an insight into where she stays on her trips.

 Helen Owen Instagram Excerpt

Pictured Sourced from Helen Owen's Instagram 


  1. Lauren Bullen: Gypsea Lust

Lauren Bullen, or more widely known as ‘Gypsea Lust’ on Instagram, permanently travels the world with her partner, Jack Morris. Lauren is a self-taught photographer who began her journey by moving to Cairns in Northern Queensland, where her epic photos led to building up a strong following online.

Gypsea Lust Blog Excerpt

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Lauren then went on to meet Jack Morris at a job in Fiji, and instantly hit it off. They now both travel around the world full-time, making money from working with multiple different brands and businesses in the travel industry they are passionate about.


Gypsea Lust Instagram Excerpt

Picture Sourced from Lauren's Instagram

She also documents both her travels and her gorgeous fashion sense on both her blog and Instagram, with many admirers – including us!

 Gypsea Lust's Instagram Excerpt

Pictures Sourced from Lauren's Instagram


  1. Cleo & Mitch: Forever Elsewhere

Cleo Codrington and Mitch Cox are two Australians living it up in their third self-converted van home, travelling to all four corners of Australia. These two have built up a massive social media following and share their incredible experiences on both Instagram and their blog, ‘Forever Elsewhere.’


Forever Elsewhere Blog Excerpt

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These two are some of the most down to earth bloggers, sharing not only the glitz and glam of travelling in a van, but also inviting their followers on the real journey where not everything works out all the time.


Cleo and Mitch

Picture Sourced from Cleo's Instagram

It’s one thing to admire travellers who look like they have the most perfect life, and a totally refreshing, relatable and wonderful experience to read about the problematic times on the road.


Cleo Codrington

Picture Sourced from Cleo's Instagram

Not only are these two relatable, they are also incredible photographers who specialise in landscape photography. You can check out their amazing work here.


Forever Elsewhere Blog Excerpt

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  1. Selena & Jacob: Find Us Lost

A recent discovery for me is the beautiful blog by Selena and her husband, Jacob – Find Us Lost.

This blog has the most stunning visuals, and most concise travel guides I am yet to come across in the blogging world. Selena’s story began in 2016, when she decided to leave her home in Los Angeles and embark on an adventure abroad.


Find Us Lost Blog Excerpt

Picture Sourced from

Selena and her husband moved to Europe, where after many travels and adventures, decided to launch the blog to share a “source of information that combined beautiful photos with the information she needed to plan their stops.”


Find Us Lost Picture

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Her following grew, and after receiving many opportunities to work with brands, hotels and different products while travelling, it became her full-time gig. Selena now wants to share her passion with the world and inspire people to live the life you want!

Find Us Lost Instagram Excerpt

Pictures Sourced from Selena's Instagram


  1. Radhika & Johnny: The Fulltime Nomad

Radhika and Johnny, or better known as The Fulltime Nomad, run a blog specifically designed to help people (like you and me) delve into the nomadic lifestyle. The both have dedicated their lives to helping others find virtual work to sustain travelling full-time.


Fulltime Nomad Blog Excerpt

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Not interested in being in front of the camera as an influencer? Don’t have to! While this is a dream for many, not everyone wants to follow down the public path. Radhika and Johnny explain and support thousands of people whose passion it is to travel full time.


Fulltime Nomad Blog Excerpt

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Learn how to become a Virtual Assistant, a full time Blogger, a Copywriter, and so much more. This blog is a great place to start if you’re wondering how to get started in the world of making money from social media.

And there you have it, our top 5 Favourite Travel Bloggers. From the fashionistas to the educators, each of these blogs are worth the read. Let us know what your fave bloggers are in the comments, we’d love to give them a read!

Lots of love and HAPPY TRAVELLING,

Renee @ the travel clothing collective xx


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